Prof. Dr. Rochus Schmid

Email: rochus.schmid [at]
Phone: +49 (0)234/32 24166
Office: NC02/30

Curriculum Vitae

Scientific Career
since 2015
apl. Professor for Inorganic Chemistry at the Faculty for Chemistry and Bochemistry
since June 2012
Study counselor for BSc. and MSc. Chemistry

June 2010
Inaugural Lecture (Privat Dozent) at the "Day of Chemistry" of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry
"Weaving of Networks from an Atomistic Point of View: Theoretical Calculations of Nanoporous Hybrid Materials"
May 2009
Habilitation Thesis:
„Atomistic Models in Materials Chemistry. Attempts to Bridge Length and Time Scales on the Example of Thin Film Synthesis and Porous Hybrid Materials”
Oct 2008 - Mar 2009
Substitute Professor (Lehrstuhlvertreter) at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry 2, University Ulm

Habilitation at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry 2, Prof. R. A. Fischer, RUB
Apr 1999 - Dec 2002
Scientific coworker at the chair of inorganic Chemistry, TU Munich, W. A. Herrmann

Sept 1997 - Mar 1999
Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Prof. Tom Ziegler, University of Calgary, Canada
- DFT-caclulations on olefin polymerisation
- Porting of the CPMD code PAW of Peter Blöchl on the DEC COBALT-Cluster
- Re-implementation and parallelisation of the COSMO solvationmodel into the PAW-Code
- Simulation of elementary steps of the Monsanto reaction
April 1997
PhD defense (summa cum laude)
"Theoretical investigations on catalytically relevant transition metal complexes"
- Implementation and Validation of a QM/MM coupling scheme with a focus on sterically demanding phosphane ligands
- Theoretical modeling of n/iso selectivity in propane hydroformylation
May/June 1995
Visit in Prof. Gernot Frenkings group, University Marburg
Mar 1994
Beginning of doctoral thesis work in the group of Prof. W. A. Herrmann, TU München
- Startup of a theoretical subgroup
- Cooperation with Höchst AG, ruhrchemie on the Hydroformylation in the two phase system
Dec 1993
Diploma in Chemistry ("sehr gut")
Jun-Nov 1993
Diploma Thesis in the Group of Prof. W. A. Herrmann
- Coordination modes of bidentate phosphaneligands
- Parametristaion of a molecular mechanics force field for phosphane complexes
Study at the Technische Universität München, Diploma in Chemistry
June 1987
Abitur (Final Mark 1.3)
Gymnasium Pullach
Grundschule Pullach i. Isartal (elementary school)